Message of Project Coordinator

About the Project Coordinator

Education:M.A.(Education) ,M.Sc.(Physics),B.Ed.


  • 1.5 yrs as Education Officer in Indian Army
  • 23.5 yrs as Senior Wing  of a Public school
  • Almost 8 yrs as Principal in Haryana Education Deptt.
  • 3.5 yrs as Sr. Lect. DIET,Gurgaon
  • Presently Incharge Pre-Service Teacher Training Wing  DIET,Gurgaon

In the modern era of Science and Technology the accessibility to the knowledge has increased manifold. Thus arises the need for online training to the aspirants of the HTET, so as to support them and inculcate in them the skills needed for proper and systematic schooling. An initiative was taken to prepare the future teachers of DIET to seek online training for HTET. This program is such designed that it will enable the pupil teachers to practice and recapitulate the previous knowledge through different practice sessions. This will also garnish the skills of the Pupil Teachers in child development and pedagogy giving them a consolidated package and the much needed confidence to face the HTET exam.

I am very thankful to Smt. SurinaRajan, Principal Secretary to Govt.of Haryana School Education Department and Smt. Snehlata, Director SCERT, Haryana, Gurgaon for having shown faith and confidence in the team. I offer sincere thanks to Sh. K KAgnihotri, Additional Director (NVEQF&TE) for his constant guidance, motivation and help. I also acknowledge my obligations and thanks for our technical support partner, IOSTAR Infotech Private Limited.

I also acknowledge my sincere thanks and gratitude towards the content writers.

I wish all the aspirants of the HTET good luck and welcome the feedback and suggestions for the betterment of the project.

indu boken kasanjkla

Project Coordinator

Captain Indu Boken Kasana

Sr. Lect.

DIET, Gurgaon