Welcome to HTET Online

Welcome to HTET (Haryana Teacher Eligibility Test ) Online Coaching Service by SCERT Haryana

Message of Director

Modern period is the era of technology. Application of information technology has driven the present day world to the need of a whole new set of skills. Today’s networked world demands a workforce that understands how to use technology as a tool to increase productivity and creativity. The role of the teachers has thus changed from knowledge transmitter to that of learning facilitator, knowledge guide, and co-learner with the students.

Message of Project Coordinator

In the modern era of Science and Technology the accessibility to the knowledge has increased manifold. Thusarises the need for online training to the aspirants of the HTET, so as to support them and inculcate in them the skills needed for proper and systematic schooling. An initiative was taken to prepare the future teachers of DIET to seek online training for HTET. This program is such designed that it will enable the pupil teachers to practice and recapitulate the previous knowledge through different practice sessions. This will also garnish the skills of the Pupil Teachers in child development and pedagogy giving them a consolidated package and the much needed confidence to face the HTET exam.

Message of Principal

HTET project is an attempt to outreach Pupil Teachers at their workplace or homes to enrich their knowledge and prepare for the said examination.